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In the late ’90s, I had a Monday off Uni. This was perfect for a hangover, but it also allowed me to watch the Sunday night game on Channel 5.

My favourite guy to watch back then was Tino Martinez and, when I think back, that Yankees team had a lot of classy, likeable guys - Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and, of course, Joe Torre. I have always had an obsession with New York City so it was always likely I would support the Yankees.

In 2003, during a trip to NYC, I travelled to Long Island with my mate Ronnie to visit his gran. Her husband was a native New Yorker and a huge Yankees fan so, each night, we would watch the game live on YES. He got us tickets for a game against the Detroit Tigers where I got to see the Rocket pitch and Mariano close - that was me hooked!



I watched baseball from time to time on Channel 5 without ever getting into the sport. Then, on a trip to Canada, I was bought a Toronto Blue Jays jersey. I went along to a game and really enjoyed it, but I still didn't follow things closely until the epic game in the 2005 World Series when the Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros played all night!

The following season I played Fantasy Baseball and my baseball knowledge grew and grew. Nowadays, not a day goes by without me checking up on the latest from MLB.

Lets Go Blue Jays, Lets Go!



I got into Baseball on a trip to Cape Cod in the summer of '08 after getting friendly with a Red Sox fan who took me to a few games in the Cape Cod league. I would chill out over a few beers at night watching the Red Sox on NESN - that was me hooked!

I live in the North of Ireland and follow the sport via the excellent MLB At Bat app, package and ESPN America. I'm now learning something about the game every day.



I have been following the game since 2008 following a friend advising of a bet on Yankees/Red Sox total runs under 7 (finished 1-0). The very next day the same friend advised me to bet over 9 runs in a match involving the same teams (went over 9).

This led me to the question: "why are the same teams playing each other again and why would total runs go over, if they went under the previous night?" This is when the art of pitching was explained and, since 2008, I've been hooked on the game, following daily and watching on TV. 

My team are the Boston Red Sox. Great club, great story, great ball park!



I got into baseball in 1997 thanks, again, to Channel 5. I became an Indians fan that year and they got all the way to the World Series, but let's say nothing else about that.

My favourite players (that I've seen) are Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio & Roberto Alomar. And my favourite players (that I've read about) are Sandy Koufax & Willie Mays.

Killers B's For The Hall Of Fame!

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