The Buccos’ Cinderella story

In the first of a preview of the NL Central division teams, I turn to those perennial whipping boys, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Except that, in 2013, that script was altered. Last year, Pittsburgh had their first winning season in 20 … Continue reading

Half a billion reasons for Yankees to be optimistic

Having been inspired by the last few optimistic blogs on, I felt it was time for Mr Optimistic himself to get in on the action. The last few winters have been very strange as a Yankees fan, with ‘plan … Continue reading

Rays of light before the darkness?

I’m getting a very weird sensation. I might only have been a Baseball fan since 2009, and a Tampa Bay Rays fan since 2010, but I’ve been through enough winters and read up on enough of the relatively short history … Continue reading

Can the Red Sox repeat the unexpected?

I’ll start by saying I’m glad I wasn’t attempting to do this last season. Having only started following baseball in 2005, the 2012 season was like nothing I had ever experienced. I mean, I’m used to seeing terrible teams, I … Continue reading

The kids are alright

With my mind starting to think about the upcoming Bases Loaded fantasy baseball draft, I sat down and opened my two favourite baseball websites ( and in an attempt to get a jump on the other fantasy geeks by … Continue reading